MLOps platform for real world AI engineer

install dong

$ pip install dong

Who is dong suitable for?

ML commercial application developer
Data science team
Team around optimal teamwork size of 5
Pioneers who yearn to connect with world through AI


  • a machine learning platform for production AI application
  • free lunch: project framework to start quickly but highly-customizable
  • hosting and managing trained models for you
  • deploying hosted model as API with just one command
  • team collaboration facilities
  • for CLI lovers


Why using dong?

No more maintaining servers for machine learning training and deployment. dong automatically allocates the computing resource according to your training’s need. We handle everything critical for production, you focus on your AI development.

Why dong suit me?

dong cares about the work efficiency and manageability while developing the application, Just like you!

As a machine learning framework, What’s the difference between dong and TensorFlow?

dong project framework is a MLOps framework. It defines an entire design of an ML project. This design includes folder structures, source code modules, dependency requirement, etc. In comparing, TensorFlow as a machine learning framework shall be called an ML library in this context.

Will dong project framework limit freedom of development?

Nope. Although dong framework provides a convention, it possesses sufficient extensibility and flexibility.

How does dong ensure/accomplish the freedom of project development?

First, dong freely supports ML library such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, Keras and more. Second, even if we do design the folder structures and source code module utilities, paths are configurable and no source code module is forced to implement.

What’s good of dong by using project framework?

With coexistence of flexibility and regulations provided by MLOps project framework, you can enjoy the free lunch of fast software development, common teamwork language, and High level customizability.

Is it safe to put my ML project on cloud?

dong introduces an independent management system, which provides full security for your private projects and datasets.

Does my team suitable for dong?

dong keeps team collaboration in mind. dong will provide authority management and version control management in future releases.

What will be the future of dong?

We’re dedicated in simplifying the production workflow. dong is improving to free more of your team from MLOps!

How does dong charge?

dong charges based on cloud training features, model hosting plans, performance upgrade purchases, etc. You can choose the plan which is most suitable to you.

Use Dong